Nisantasi Street

Nisantasi Street

Before we start talking about Nişantaşı, which is one of the most luxurious and favorite areas of Istanbul, which you can reach comfortably with the privilege of VIP Istanbul Tourism, let's find out where it got its name. In the Ottoman period, stones were planted to mark the places where the arrow fell, in order to show that the arrows shot from far away in the competitions broke the record by going many kilometers away. In the most elite district of Istanbul, Nisantasi took its name as "markstone" because there are 5 of these historical landmarks. These historical landmarks, located in different parts of the district, will put you in an authentic atmosphere and offer ostentation and authenticity together.

The reason why it is popular today is that it is the most luxurious and elite region of Istanbul. You may not meet a famous actor or artist on the street every day, but you can often come across famous movie, TV series actors or artists on the street every day in Nişantaşı. Of course, you can meet not only celebrities in Turkey, but also world-famous stars who stop by here before their concert. In Nişantaşı, you will meet stylish people who will not look for fashion shows.

About Design of Nişantaşı

Everything you see on the streets in Nişantaşı is a product of original design; You can come across a new and original work every day, such as street lamps and billboards. Street performance artists will attract you for hours with their unique plays and shows, and you will feel yourself at the heart of art with theater halls, performance centers and even foam decorations on your coffee cup. Do not pass without tasting one of these unique coffee works that came to Nişantaşı with VIP Istanbul Tourism.

Another interesting aspect of Nişantaşı is that it has magnificent cafes. You will notice that each cafe has a different and magnificent concept work, and this will offer you an experience that will move you away from monotony. In cafes, you will overhear people talking about books for hours, and people around you exchanging information on deep cultural topics. Experience the cafes of Nişantaşı with VIP İstanbul Tourism, just like in a French art movie.

You can shop from the cute boutique shops in the small side streets, from products brought from various parts of the world that you can't see on anyone else. The glamorous stores of famous brands, which is the biggest reason why Nişantaşı is famous for being luxurious, will not hesitate to offer you the elegance you need with latest season fashion products.

You can have a wonderful Nisantasi experience with VIP Istanbul Tourism.

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