Churches of Istiklal Street Part I

There are two famous churches at Istiklal Street.

Of course there are more than two churches at Istiklal but for now we are going to talk about the two of them.

First we have St. Anthony of Padua Church a.k.a Sent Antuan.

It's the largest catholic church in Istanbul.

It's one of the most important churches in Istanbul.

The modern church's construction started at 1906 and ended at 1912.

And originially the church built in 1725 by the local italian community of istanbul but it got demolished.

The church is considered a minor basilica

Run by Italian priests.

Saturday Mass starts at 19:00 in Italian

Sunday Mass is 09:30 in Polish

10:00 in English.

and 17:00 in Turkish.

Tuesday Mass 11:00 Turkish 

Weekday Masses at 08:00 in English.

One of the most famous preachers of this church is Pope John XXIII and he served in here for 10 years.Reservation Now